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Cross platform command line tool for the Moai SDK

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This is a tool to allow you to work with and compile projects using the Moai SDK.

c:\dev> moaicli new testproject
c:\dev\testproject> moaicli build android
  ---(downloads the ndk, sdk, jdk, cmake etc, checks out moai from github)---
c:\dev\testproject> moaicli start android
  ---(runs compiled hello world app on attached android device)---

This tool aims to save you from having to install your own c++ compiler, cmake, or even the android sdk. It will install and run all of these for you, leaving you to focus on your game not your tools.



Unzip the package to a location and add the folder containing the moaicli script to your path.

Basic usage

c:\dev> moaicli new testproject
c:\dev\testproject> moaicli build android
c:\dev\testproject> moaicli start android

for help run moaicli --help


    build                Builds the project for a platform and host
    help                 Display global or [command] help documentation.
    new                  Creates a new moai project in the folder named NAME
    sdk update           updates the configured sdk for HOST from its origin (git pull)
    start                Runs the specified host

Currently Supported Target Platforms




Building a project

  MoaiCLI build <host>


Builds the project for a host and places it in the distribute folder


  --platform <platform>
      Build the host for the specified supported platform

      Force rebuild

      Remove all generated build files before building

      Make a release build (default is debug)

Support or Contact

Still early days so feel free to leave a ticket in issues for any bugs or suggestions.